Glenmore Highlands – Enjoy a Little Trespassing

Swinging up in Glenmore Highlands
Swinging up in Glenmore Highlands

The Glenmore area in Kelowna is slowly creeping over the whole mountain range but the far north end is ripe for exploring by foot or bike. The whole area looks like property developers came in to set the groundwork for a big project, then vanished just as fast.  What’s left is a bunch of criss-crossing trails that lead to all sorts of ponds, forests, and vistas.  The whole area remains largely secluded, perhaps due to the ‘private property, do not trespass’ signs posted beside every entrance.  These are meant primarily to keep out ATV/dirtbikes but responsible hikers/bikers/walkers can enter without incident.

For a longer excursion, trails head north from the highlands into Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park.

The best kind of wine tasting
Don’t taste wine without a view

The picture above is taken at one of my favourite best kept secret spots in the Okanagan.  I’m not giving any hints, so explore the Glenmore Highlands yourself and see if you can stumble upon it.

Directions To Trailhead:

There are a bunch of ways to access Glenmore highlands.  As mentioned, if you cross a do not tresspass sign, you’re probably on the right track.  Some of these entrances are located at the very end of Union Road, Hidden Hills Drive, Clifton Road, and Wilden Ridge Drive.

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Hike time: 1-3 hours (depending on route)
GPS: Not necessary, but helpful as there are many different trails
Easy to Keep to Route: No, with so many intersecting trails it is very easy to get lost

GPS Download: GPX | KML

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