Inside spare room start of blaze
Inside spare room
Roof falling apart outside spare room
Stairs to 2nd floor
Burnt bathroom sinkDoor to storage cupboard

I leave the house for 2 hours to watch one of my friends do a music performance and I get back to our street and there is Chaos!!! – 6 fire trucks on the street.. There were tons of people standing around and I'm wondering what's going on. Someone said there was a fire in one of the houses. I thought that was pretty exciting and probed for more info. I like when crazy stuff happens. I asked someone on the street "what side of the street was the fire on?" They said "right&. gulp. Parked the car. ran in to the crescent. gong show. it was so our house!!!! After all the commotion I got into the house to look around. I overheard someone say "this place looks like hell". I'd have to agree with him. I guess the firemen had to cut a hole in the roof cause it got into the attic. There was a lot of damage but I think half was due to burning and half smoke damage. Everything downstairs is fine.

Christie told me the good story after. I guess it was started by a candle. I really feel sorry that I had to miss all the action.

I heard the figure of $90,000 damage thrown around (not including possessions). That is pretty crazy since the fire only burned for a couple minutes. Luckily we had good insurance – they are throwing money at us and when it's all said and done they are going to do some much needed renovations for us!

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