Amie and Steve adventuring in the dunes
Sahara desert - not! this is Saskatchewan of all places!
Amie walking in the dunes
Lonely tree in the desert

On the way back from a trip to Calgary, I decided to take Amie on a little detour. She of course thought we were going to more ghost towns. I had a different idea in mind.

I had saw on the map that there were these "great sand hills" in Saskatchewan, whatever that means. Unless you actually go looking for them, it is kind of hard to believe that there could possibly be sand dunes in Saskatchewan.

There are probably many access points but south of Scepter by the town of Leader is the place where we chose to go. I think a 4WD would have been the best option as we kept bottoming out the car. Anyway, the terrain started to change and before we realized, there were patches of sand dunes (some of them were quite large!). Who would have thought!!


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