Tonight we decided to remedy the aparent weight loss we have been observing in eachother. So for supper we went to the cheap street food. So far tonight Kevin and I have each had 2 fruit shakes, 2 cups of fries, 3 ice cream cones, and some pastries – but the night is young.

Earlier in the day we made the like the gauchos (Northwest Argentinian cowboys). We got a guy to take us to his ranch and spent the day riding through the hills on horseback. We got an extensive history and cultural lesson. Of course we had the biggest steaks for lunch that you have ever seen (common here in Beef country).

If the gauchos aren't eating beef, they are drinking wine and sucking on coca leaves. I still don't totally understand the later but diving into that area of the culture hasn't had hazardous effects on my health as of yet. Supposedly coca leaves and tea and whatever else you do with them has nothing to do with drugs. However, you can't bring them across borders for some reason, and everyone discreetly carries these little bags of the leaves around. The quest for answers continues.

In other news, we just signed up for the freakiest thing I could imagine doing tomorrow. I think I swore I would never do it again… so we'll see if tomorrow pans out like I think it might. As long as I sleep tonight I guess I'll get over it. to be continued…


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