Christie and I were bored this fine Sunday afternoon and were really feeling very adventurous. We had to get out of Regina. So we grabbed some food and water and jumped in the car. We sat looking at the map wondering where we should go since we only had an afternoon. Then I had an idea stemming from a conversation the previous week. Supposedly in Fort San there was this large run down health care center that was used in the early 1900's for Tuberculosis treatment. Hundreds died in the sanatorium and supposedly a couple nurses committed suicide. Anyways, the thing that sparked my attention was the rumor that the whole building was still haunted. Supposedly the creepy janitor would take people on tours at night. That was enough of a lead for this afternoon.

We booked it to Fort San and finally found the old building. We walked right in the door and found the lobby completely deserted (it was Sunday afternoon you know). After waiting around for a while, it was apparent that no one was going to help us. So we noticed that some of the doors were open and we began to scope out the place. Some of the hallways had lights on and so did some of the bedrooms. The old building kept us entertained for over 3 hours. We never saw anyone until later in the day so we roamed though all the halls and rooms.
We especially liked the old maps which had various crawl spaces and hidden rooms marked. There was this one crawl space in the far right wing where all the lights had been burnt out. I held open the door while Christie crept through the cobwebs and dusty walls. She couldn't see a whole lot so while she held the door I used my camera flash to light up some of the rooms. One room at the end had an old medical trolly that was stained and old from years of use. I flashed a picture into a dark crawlspace at the end of the hall and went back outside with Christie to take a look at the pictures of the room. We were zooming around the crawlspace picture when we noticed something infront of one of the pillars. I zoomed in and we both let out a shriek as the picture revealed a severed head. After regaining composure, we notice that it was just plastic. Nevertheless, Christie informed me that she wasn't going in the hallway with the head anymore.

There was this other high room where a bunch of pigeons had been trapped inside somehow. They gave us a scare when we approached as they all swarmed around and bashed into windows. Being late afternoon, most of the other main hallways had sufficient sunlight to remove the edge of spookiness. Near the end of our exploring we did mysteriously run into the janitor. He was pretty creepy and didn't really care that we were walking around. Occasionally while walking through the rooms we would turn off bedside lamps that were left on for some reason.It didn't really phase us at the time but later we went to Chapters and read about the place and we found out that it is not uncommon to find random lights turned on.

We drew the line at this one tunnel located in the main wing of the building. All the surrounding rooms had locks on them and warning signs but this one had its lock undone. Inside there was a dark tunnel leading to a huge crawlspace (or so the map indicated). Warning signs beside the tunnel clearly depicted no entry, high voltage, and asbestos concerns. We didn't go in for fear of getting caught by the mysterious Janitor who was around the building somewhere. I regret it now though because the next day I heard that the tunnel was previously used to store the dead and connect to the morgue. If any place was haunted it surely would have been there. All in all, it was a great little afternoon adventure. We will definitely have to roam the province for other abandoned buildings.

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