Hayman Mountain is the prominent slanted rock ramp clearly visible across Okanagan Lake from Kelowna.  Mountain bikers know the mountain as McDougall Rim for the popular cycling loop from Bartley Rd up the mountain and back down the hiking trail along the cliff face.  Hikers and backcountry campers know the mountain for it’s trail up to a picturesque lake with sweeping views over the length of the Okanagan.

View of Okanagan Mountain ridge from Hayman Mountain
View of Okanagan Mountain ridge from Hayman Mountain

A word to cyclists interested in attempting the McDougall Rim trail – half of this ride is a horrible slog up the Bartley Rd which soon turns into a rocky, sandy, uphill battle.  As fun as it is to make a loop back to the trailhead, the 2-3 hour gruelling ascent is not for the feint of heart.  The nice section of biking is also the hiking trail which hugs the face of the cliff and offers spectacular views.  The ascent up the back is essentially viewless.  Unless you are into serious self suffering, it might be more advantageous to either cycle up the hiking trail or leave the bike at home and just hike.  Having said this, I have done the loop and found it worth doing at least once just to say I did it.

View of Hayman Lake
Hayman lake near the summit

Directions to Trailhead:

Bartley Road is a turn off of Shannon Lake road in West Kelowna.  Follow Bartley Rd. until it turns into gravel.  Just before you would not want to take your vehicle on that, there is parking at the edge of the forest and trailhead.  Continue up Bartley Rd. to begin the McDougall Rim trail or turn right off Bartley road at the parking area to start the hike up to Hayman Lake and summit.

It is also possible to start the McDougall Rim trail and then turn onto a series of ATV trails which lead onto Carrot Mountain.  It is recommended to stay on Hayman as it is a much more enjoyable destination.

View of Big White and Black Knight Mountain behind Kelowna
View of Big White and Black Knight Mountain behind Kelowna
Map of McDougal Rim trail and Hayman Lake/Summit
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Kelowna to Trailhead: 15km
Return time: 8 hours (make it a full day)
Trail Length: 7.5km (trailhead to lake one way, another 1.5km to summit)
McDougal Rim Cycling Loop Return Time: 4-6 hours (22km)
Elevation gain: 820m
GPS: a must have for McDougall Rim or summit.  Can do without heading to the Lake.
Clear trail: fairly good up to Hayman Lake only.

GPS Download: GPX | KML