Hot Spring Cove is a remote hot spring in Maquinna Marine Provincial Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island. There are realistically only 3 ways to get there. (Motor) boat your way there, sea kayak there, or take a tour (plane or boat). Due to the complicated logistics and distance, if option 1 isn’t possible then most just opt for a tour.

Leaving from the dock in Tofino
After arrival at the official dock, there is 20min hike along boardwalks to reach the hot springs

There are a variety of tours that head out most days and the downside is they all arrive around noon and leave around 2pm. The rest of the day the hot springs are open to local people and those who made the journey themselves.

The other issue with all the tours arriving around the same time is that the hot springs are shockingly small. If there are more than 10 people at once then it is difficult to enjoy.

Coast area near the hot springs

These seaside springs are a unique gem and well worth the visit. If possible, make every attempt to get there and camp a couple nights.

Enjoying the hot springs