Amie on Phnom Penh's newest sand dune
Cards on the tracks
Across Boeng Kak
Found access to the lake site
Heading north on the tracksAbandoned TrainsLife on the tracks

Today we rode along the rail lines within Phnom Penh city. That's another way of saying we took a tour of PP slums. It was fun to see how people have integrated the rails into their lives though since trains haven't used them for decades.

Following the tracks into the center led us to Boeng Kak lake which is currently being turned into Phnom Penh's newest beach… well sand dune anyway. We were the only ones out to catch some rays though.

Our journey ended in the train yard behind the abandoned railway station. It didn't feel like we were supposed to be there but there was lots of action back there and no one paid us much attention.


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