The Jumbo area of the Purcell Mountains is remote and beautiful. Getting up to the pass can be achieved in a day-hike but it is highly recommended to try booking the Jumbo Pass Cabin (Columbia Valley Hut Society) to stay a while and enjoy the incredible surroundings.

Jumbo Pass


Jumbo Pass can be accessed from the West or East Kootenays. The Eastern approach near Invermere is the most common access point. Follow Jumbo Creek Rd (near Panorama Ski resort) to the trailhead. In summer, the road is suitable for most vehicles. In winter, any access to trailhead is only via snowmobile.

From the West, the access is a bit more remote but also achievable by most vehicles on well maintained forestry roads. Near Meadow Creek, BC, there are signs indicating the direction up Glacier Creek FSR.

Ridgeline continuing up from Jumbo Pass


The Cabin officially sleeps 8 (two down + 6 up in the loft). The lower beds are quite large and could accommodate 4 in a pinch. There is a lake 5 mins walk away for water. The cabin has all kinds of cookware and utensils. It is only necessary to bring 1L green propane bottles for the stove. There is an outhouse nearby (bring TP). The cabin is secluded although backcountry campers often sleep nearby to take advantage of the outhouse and lake.

Jumbo Pass Cabin

Hiking up from the Pass:

Hiking towards Bastille Mountain

One great hike suitable for all abilities begins behind the cabin. Just keep going up and along the ridge until it isn’t possible anymore. The views are difficult to match.

View Behind Bastille Mt
Starting the journey up Bastille Mt

Another option is to scramble up Bastille Mountain. This is the triple-peak mountain directly across from the cabin (the summit being the leftmost peak). Getting up to the ridgeline involves scrambling up loose rock and scree. The journey to the summit requires traversing 2 lower peaks and has some technical spots (class 2-3 at worse).

Approaching Bastille Summit
Bastille Mountain