Kalamalka Lakes Provincial Park centres around a small mountain and access to Kal lake near Coldstream, south of Vernon. This mountain portion has a number of well-marked trails for hiking and biking. The trails from a biking perspective range from near flat to intermediate – perfect for cross-country mountain biking.

Lookout Trail
Lookout Trail

For the first time visitor trying to figure out what trail to take, park at the red gate and head for the Lookout trail which culminates at the incredible viewpoint called John’s Jump Lookout. This provides an excellent view to the south, covering the length of Kalamalka lake towards Oyama. To complete a loop, try taking The Wall or The Parabola trail followed by Coming Around The Mountain trail.  I know what you’re thinking, forget the trails, who’s this John guy?  Did he jump?  Wouldn’t I like to know.

After a hike in the hills, head to the peninsula via Juniper trail for a swim in beautiful Kal lake.  On a hot summer’s day when the sun is just right, it can’t be beat.

Juniper Bay
Juniper Bay on Kalamalka Lake (sun not being right)

Directions To Trailhead:

There are a few different parking areas for access the Park. For the mountain, park at the “red gate” lot  on Kidston Rd near Coldstream, south of Vernon. Alternatively, start at the east side of the mountain by parking at the lot off of Cosens Bay Rd. For the beaches at Juniper or Jade Bay, drive past the red gate parking lot to the end of Kidston Road.

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Distance from downtown Vernon to Red Gate Trailhead: 10km
Walking time: 1-3 hours depending on trails (2 hours for loop mentioned above)
Trail Length: 7km round trip for loop described above
Elevation gain: 260m (parking to lookout)
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Keep on Trail: yes, all clearly marked

GPS Download: GPX | KML

John's Jump Lookout
John’s Jump Lookout in Kalamalka Lakes Provincial Park (yes, biking with baby)