Amie + Steve riding through the paddy fields
How to get 13 bikes in a Tuk Tuk?
Our Biking Gang - Tim, Bronwyn, Helen, Christy, Brigitte, Jenneke, Mervi, Jess, Paujo, Aimee, Lucky, Amie, Steve
Biking towards Phnom Sor near Kampong Trach
A little nibble along the way?Brown Spandex

We had ridden all over Phnom Penh and it was time to take the plunge: an 80km cycling trip to the coast.

One of Amie's colleagues from work, Tim Rann, is huge into cycling and not only did he orchestrate the whole adventure, he also came along for the ride. 12 of us left work a wee bit early on Friday and hopped in a minivan to Chhuk, a town about 100km south of Phnom Penh.

We gorged on Cambodian BBQ and slept soundly in Chhuk's one and only guesthouse.

Bright and early Saturday morning – just as the the sky was beginning to lighten, we fitted our bikes and started the journey to Kep.


We pushed biked down small country lanes and beside paddy fields. We lost count of how many people stood up from their work in the rice fields to wave and holler hello.

With supremely sore bums, we pulled into Kep and topped off the day with a dive into the ocean (in our sweaty cycling gear

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