The Kettle River Recreation Area near Rock Creek, BC is a wildly popular campground with sites for reservation (best sites) and first-come-first-serve. If it was just the typical car-camping experience then there wouldn’t be much to write home about. Instead, the campground is a launchpad for a wide variety of activities perfect for the whole family.

KVR through Kettle Valley Recreation Area

For starters, the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) runs straight through the middle of the campground. Head north as far as you like even to Kelowna if ambitious. Head south towards the end of the line at Midway or why not continue onto Castlegar.

Top of the flags hike overlooking the valley.

Next up is hiking. How about hiking straight from the campsite to an overlook of the valley? Map of flags hike is below.

Floating around the campground

The river that passes past the campground is pretty special. Upstream access is at the north of the campground. The river makes a wide loop away from the campground and then back again past the south side. Essentially you couldn’t craft a better floating route unless you were terraforming. The whole experience accessed by walking – keep the car parked. The float terminates at picturesque railway bridge absorbed now into the KVR. Jump if you dare.

Camping, hiking, biking, floating, jumping, swimming – it’s all there