Seoul senior citizen
Visiting a Seoul temple and park

So I get to the Korean airport for a quick transfer to Saipan. I walk up to the ticket counter and give the appropriate information. That is when I am told that I cannot go to Saipan today. I just stood there and with a blank look said "well I have to get there today; there are people waiting to pick me up in a few hours". The lady explained in broken English that Asiana airlines can't perform inner country flights from the USA to the USA because they don't want to get in trouble. They were actually surprised that I got the tickets booked in such a way – usually ticket issuers can't do that.

Anyway, it was totally my fault and they weren't going to fly me to Saipan. So I played the innocent idiot and finally they said they would put me up for the night. WOOHOO. This couldn't be better. I am used to staying in the cheapest places ever. Asiana puts me up in Seoul for a night with 3 gourmet five course meals and rides to the airport. Not to mention a luxurious room with internet access. So I got to walk around Seoul for a couple days compliments of Asiana Airlines (When it was actually my fault for having booked the tickets in such a way).


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