Layercake Mountain as viewed from Scenic Canyon Regional Park

When entering Kelowna from the east (Hwy 33) this interesting geological feature is part of the breathtaking vista. It’s time to get more intimately acquainted.

Directions to Trailhead

Take Gallagher Road off of Hwy 33 and follow it south as it turns into Gallagher Road South and then Mantle Ct. There is an unremarkable, unsigned trail that start here.

***note that it is easy to wander onto Westbank First Nation Lands in this area. Proceed at your own risk or look into getting permission***

Layercake Mountain
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View west into Scenic Canyon, Greenway
View east along Mission Creek

Trail Features

From the Mantle Ct parking area it is only a few minutes up to the summit/overlook.

**proceed loudly and with caution in fall as there are bears everywhere here due to the proximity of vineyards in the area**

You would think this is the end but there is a small trail heading west along the cliffs that winds all the way down to the river below (mission creek). This trail is only seldom used and can be hard to follow. It is possible without a GPS to just follow the natural slope of the topography along the cliff.

The Pinnacle – surely Kelowna’s most remarkable and hidden geographical feature

After reaching the bottom, turn back along the base of the cliff near the river and make your way below ‘the pinnacle’. It is possible here to ford the river and connect with the Greenway trail and Scenic Canyon Regional Park. The trail here along the loose shale is pretty difficult to follow. Eventually, perseverance is rewarded with a wonderful little swimming hole.

From the swimming hole, continue along the river and follow the ATV trail that wraps around the cliffs back to the top. Part of the land here is likely part of the Westbank First Nation but respectful hikers are generally permitted.

Swimming Hole (Mission Creek) + ‘Big Rock’

Downtown Kelowna to Trailhead: 20 mins
Trail Return time: 2-3 hours
Trail Length: 7 km loop
Elevation gain: approximately 250m down then 250m up
GPS: Not absolutely necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: Not really. Prepare to get lost (but not for too long).

GPS Download: GPX | KML