Posing with some Khmer Rouge soldiers
Steve and Dan outfitted
Our transportation and props for the day
Dan with one of the sets
Steve beside one of the setsA new experience perhaps?Steve beside one of the movie prop carsSteve outfitted for the 70sDan testing the limits of friendship with a KR soldier

Filming began this month for the well known [in Cambodia] book, The Gate, by famous [in France] film-maker [of French language films], RǸgis Wargnier (did that kill it?). Dan and I had a chance to be extras for a couple scenes which involved a 70s wardrobe and distraught foreigners following around an equally terrified Francois Bizot and Khmer Rouge soldiers. Since all direction and language was in French, we often had no idea what was going on or what we were supposed to do. This is likely the perfect expression for foreigners caught in the middle of a bloody revolution so we expect to be front and centre when the film is released in 2015.


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