Scenery around central China

Langmusi has one more thing to offer other than sky burials. Although the sky burials are a rare event that not many witness, anyone can go to Lesha's cafe and have a Big Mac Yak Attack Burger. This thing is gargantuan. If you can eat it in 5 minutes you get 100 bucks. If you eat it in 10 minutes you get the meal for free plus a desert. Of course we had to take on the challenge. We started the timers and started off.

This was no ordinary burger. First of all, the bun was Tibetan style which means it was more like two huge slabs of condensed bagel. Inside the plate sized burger, they stuffed potatoes and onions which were very filling. Not to mention the tough yak meet which is like eating chewy poorly-cooked stake strips. 5 minutes rolled by, then 10 minutes, then 30 minutes. Around 45 minutes of straight eating, we finally finished the burgers. I think that finishing it was an accomplishment in itself. You couldn't have paid me to eat a desert after that. We did get to sign the burger-finisher guestbook. Kevin threw up his burger on the street outside after but he won't tell you that. I kept mine down but I wished I would have left it on the street. Anyway after that it was off to investigate sky burials!


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