At the famous newborn sign in Pristina
Aya having a blast in central Pristina
Steve on top of the wall at Dušan's Fortress in Prizren
Looking over Prizren from Dušan's Fortress
Aya crawling around in the B of the Newborn signPicnic in Prishtina park

What a strange little country! We're glad we stopped through, if only to say we've experienced Europe's newest country.

Where we were, in Prizren and Pristina, we couldn't see open remnants of the war, or certainly not in the same vivid way as Sarajevo. It's possible we weren't in the right places and that the most extreme violence in the 90s took place outside of the capital and second largest city. (No, we were not out for a voyeuristic experience of the war – but having lived in Cambodia, also a post-conflict country, we are always curious how other nations reconcile the past with the present (and future) and what remnants of conflict stubbornly continue on hampering development and healthy progress.) It's possible that much has been rebuilt with the support of the UN, NATO and the rest of the international community in the past 15 years.

What we found in Kosovo was a colourful and vibrant newborn nation (proclaimed in large letters in the downtown core)

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