The Marblehead Quarry is tucked away in the Lardeau Valley just off the main road north of Meadow Creek, BC. It is very easy to drive by without knowing there’s a turnoff despite a small sign indicating there is. As we were instructed at the general store, go north and when the pavement ends, count 11 power poles and then turn left!

Exploring the Marblehead Quarry
Road into the almost hidden entrance

The quarry operated until the 1930s and stone from here was used in a number of locations across Canada including the Great West Life block in Winnipeg and the Mormon temple at Cardston. For the last hundred years or so in its abandoned state, it is a mecca for graffiti enthusiasts and explorers.

Bring your spray paint

The quarry is interesting for the fact that in its abandoned state, it is essentially a large cavern. One area of the cave shows cut lines where stone extractors apparently started to cut out blocks but then aborted mission. There is also the remains of some sort of stone block cutting tool and perhaps a rock grinder just beside the entrance.
Marblehead Quarry

Marblehead Quarry