Downtown Halifax
Feast of fresh lobster
Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove
Tower installation

When I go out with the Phoenix Engineering road crew, we always have a great time. This trip led me to my first Maritimes experience. While it was probably the worst time of the year to visit, we still had a memorable experiences. One advantage about having bad weather was experiencing the landscape and culture during the downtimes.

After the third day of putting together the tower, we were ready to lift it. Unfortunately, on the day of the lift, the winds were too strong to do any work. At first this was disappointing but that soon turned around when we decided to drive from Antigonish (near tower location) down to Halifax. One of my work mates had a sister near Halifax so we showed up with 6 huge lobsters, ready for a feast.

My first real lobster meal was great – I got a whole lobster tail to myself and debunked myths during the cooking process. Of course it is commonly said that lobsters will scream as they are put into boiling water. I learned that this is not the case for 2 reasons – firstly, it is just the steam rushing through their shells that makes the noise. Secondly, let's face it, we are dealing with a crustation here – they barely have enough nerves to fold into a brain.


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