Posing with Wat Phnom's iconic resident elephant
Bethany and Amie very excited about their upcoming jaunt through Phnom Penh in Cambodian pyjamas
Amie performs a seam-defying squat
Bethany performs a seam-defying leap

Ever since we arrived in Phnom Penh, I started to notice a trend. Khmer women (young and old) wearing two-piece matching pyjamas at all times of the day and night.

It is an unusual trend. They aren't particularly attractive garments. And with a plethora of great threads to buy in the market it's always amazed me how popular these matchies actually are. So, it's been my goal, for almost as long as we've been in Phnom Penh, to at least them and see what the rage is all about.

So, my friend Bethany and I, having recently procured a pair of Matchies each, took the opportunity last Saturday to experience Cambodian Pyjamas for ourselves.

We had a blast. We ran errands, wen to the market, fed an elephant and ate lunch at a tea room. We answered questions bewildered foreigners asked us and we shared knowing smiles with many Cambodians. Ultimately we came to a few conclusions: Matchies are actually quite ugly, they are not built for the ample white bottom (we were paranoid of splitting our pants open all day)

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