Riding to Kien Svay
Becka jumping ship
Collapsed hut
Relaxing in the river hut after moving to a stable one

So six of us took the better part of an afternoon and headed to Kien Svay, a popular Khmer picnic spot near Phnom Penh.

When you’ve lived in Cambodia for a few months, you start to forget how much bigger Barangs (foreigners) are than Cambodians.


We heard the sickening snap and within a few seconds Daniel was sitting in the water, Amie’s flip flops were floating downstream, and everyone was panicking to pick up the food, the cameras and other personal belongings while all the Cambodians around us roared with laughter.

Luckily a few other huts were open and our Cambodian hosts shuffled us off to another one that was “stronger” and made for fat barangs.

We’ll certainly never forget that trip!

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