This was a page from a Butnon clothing catelogThis was a page from a catelog for men's formal clothing

‘Ok wait a minute… The pictures in this area need a serious disclaimer. Let me explain modelling in China and how I stumbled into it. You see, China has a big push to be Western (rich) and this of course is wanted in their media. So where are they going to find white people to use in their advertizing? Well, most of the white people are in China for business for a short time. And besides, they are usually older and filled out. It was for this reason that companies such as my English teaching company (Altec) was such a hit. The university students and I that worked for Altec learning centers were among the youngest in the country. So one modeling agent named Sherry would always snoop around Altec looking for the newest recruits. That's how many of us got called for various modelling oportunities. These included commercials, magazines, billboards, voice-overs, translating, tv series etc… So why did I do it? Well first of all, it was always a definite hoot. The chinese didn't usually have an idea for anything that was “in”. Also, the money was great and it bought me a new digital camera, and funded my South East Asia trip.’

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