On a trip towards Vancouver last year I decided to cross the Fraser River at Hope and continue on hwy 7. New experiences right? For the most part there wasn’t anything too special except for it being a slower way to go.   I passed Sasquatch provincial park and Harrison Hot springs then just as I was getting close to Vancouver near Mission I noticed a strange building up on the hill.

Googling later I found out that it was actually a monastery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that in Canada and especially one that is active and open. At first I decided that I would drive up one day but then another thought occurred. I sent them an email and asked if we could spend a night. Surprisingly, this wasn’t an outlandish request at all – people do this and some regularly.

Fast-forward to our night over, I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a new and unique experience. Not only can you stay over, you can also eat with the monks and other guests, join the regular events and services, and roam the monastery grounds. As expected, it is a peaceful and restful atmosphere where you can relax and reflect.

When the sun went down, it was fascinating to join the evening vespers in the main chapel. The chanting and dim lighting created a sense of mystery and enchantment.  Around the monastery there are trails into the hills along with a lookout over Mission and Abbotsford.

The view from the monastery over the Fraser River