View from Mt. Keogan Cliffs

Directions to Trailhead

The main access for Keogan is at the south side of Mahoney Lake (down Green Lake Rd out of OK Falls). There is no parking lot but a few places to pull over on the road. A secondary access point would be from the Oliver side. Start the McIntyre Bluffs hike and just past rattlesnake lake there is a path up to Mt. Keogan.

Trail Descriptions

The trails in the area are all named downhill biking routes (no physical signs stating this). The main trail up Keogan is called Dogtown. It rises at a steady pace without relenting all the way to the top. To make it a loop, it is possible to take the less trodden path ‘Go East Old Man’ on the way down. This wraps around the north side and connects back to Dogtown trail. As a hike, the trail ‘5 Lakes Lookout’ is not recommended. It is a gratuitous loop through the trees, enjoyable only on bike with no serious views of any lakes.

Beautiful wide view to the south

Penticton to Trailhead: 28km / 30 mins
Trail Return time: 2-3 hours
Trail Length: 7-9 km round trip (route dependent)
Elevation gain: 420m
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: Dogtown to the top is well worn. Other trails less easy to follow.

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Drone view of the Keogan Cliffs

GPS Download: GPX | KML