Part way up
Climbing up the last stretch
View from the summit
View from the summit
View from the summitPanoramic view of the summit

Steve G and I heard from a great source that Mt. Indefatigable would be a challenging hike so we headed off to conquer it. We started the steep hike up the mountain and the view was amazing when we broke out of the trees to see the surrounding mountains. After taking a lunch break and posing for a buddha shot we continued on to see where the path would lead us. We came across a mountain chicken or turkey of sorts and chased it for a while trying to see if it would fly off, but I guess mountain chickens don't fly. After hiking further we came across a little snow and then the path just stopped because it was entirely covered in snow.Our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to follow some foot prints through the deep snow, meanwhile we are in our shorts and each step though the some what crusty snow was a challenge. After three hours of hiking through the snow we reached the summit of the mountain.

This was my first time ever hiking to the very top of a mountain. When we reached the top, the wind was wildly blowing and so we got our quick pictures and started our decent.At first it appeared that the way down was going to be a lot slower and more dangerous and me in my frustration did a little bum drop into the snow planning on just sliding down to the next bunch of rocks. I slid for about five seconds and then dug my heels into the snow before sitting on a nearby rock. A whole snow shelf was dislodged from my heel jab and continued moving downward. AVALANCHE!! We heard this load stampeding noise and looked down to the bottom of the bowl and there was a huge area where the snow moved to after going over cliffs and clearing out areas. After a close call with what could have been dangerous, we moved to the bottom of the mountain, out of the snow and back to safety. Our trip back to Calgary was exciting. We saw a female grizzly bear and two cubs, a couple herds of mountains sheep and lots of deer. It was another best ever day that will take an upcoming trip to South America to top.


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