Arrived at the beach!
Arrived at the beach!

The week prior to Easter ’01 was a boring one. Eric Poppleton and I sat in our cushy Nortel cubicles and longed to get away. Then it hit us – easter weekend has a day off. With friday off there was definitely time for a quick road trip. Now you must realize that we were very bored. So for the rest of the week we tried to plan something. By the time thursday after work came, the plan was settled. Since there was snow on the ground and a cool breeze, it was time to hit the beach.

So Eric, Brian and I jumped in the car and started driving south. We drove all the way into the night. We stopped only for gas then it was driving, driving, and more driving. Friday noon rolls around and we pull into Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is above 30 degrees and it is smokin’ hot baby!!! So we hit the beach for the rest of the day. We treated ourselves to beachware shopping and seafood buffet. Then we slept in the car on friday night.

Saturday is another sweet day at the beach. Saturday night, however, was not so fun. It was time to start driving back. We hiked it all through the night with a quick stop in Washington DC to see the White House (5 AM) and finally made it back to Ottawa mid afternoon on Sunday. The next morning, the boys at the office could not understand why Eric and I were red as lobsters. They thought we’d gone mad when we told them why.

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