Naramata Falls in Winter

Directions and Trail Description

Creek Park is just off the main road (Naramata Rd) driving south from Penticton. It is a short walk quite similar to Mill Creek with bridges crossing the creek at various points as you make your way up the valley. Near the end there are some branching paths with options to cross the creek or hug the hillside for the best view of the falls. Just above the falls is the KVR trail.

Interesting rock formations
Interesting rock formations and cliffs along the way
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Penticton to Trailhead: 10 mins
Trail Return time: 60-90 mins
Trail Length: 1 km
Elevation gain: negligible
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: Yes. Near the end there are a few branches but they are all contained in the creek valley

Cliffs near the falls
Cliffs near the falls

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