Approaching Needle Peak

The Coquihalla summits is a nice adventure destination for those from the BC interior who want to meet up with old friends from the lower mainland. Such was the case of Steve + Kevin, breaking away from family routine to get down to conquering.

Some precarious situations without careful route-finding up Needle

Needle peak is probably the most popular hike given its convenient access from the Zopkios parking lot. Having never hiked in the Summits before this was a logical first choice. It’s a bit difficult to find the trailhead but after getting on the well worn path there is no time wasted before heading straight upwards.

Needle Summit

There isn’t much respite until you reach a bit of a saddle between Needle and Flatiron peaks. We went pretty hard and made it to the summit in just over 2 hours. A rush that put us in the middle of the clouds without a view.

Looking towards Flatiron from the saddle

With no signs that the weather was going to improve and still having the whole day left, we decided to backtrack and go up to the top of Flatiron. All in all we were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t more of a challenge. When it started to snow, that was a clear sign that it was just going to be one of those days.

One of those Telus rockets on Flatiron
Expect all weather at the Summits

Researching later, I hear that it is possible to continue on past Needle to Markhor peak and then down a different route – definitely the plan on a future attempt!