Hazy view into Dubai

I’m on a flight with Emirates with a layover in Dubai from 8PM to 6PM? What is the proper action? One option is to get a hotel and have a sleep. But that’s not happening after a 14 hour flight from Seattle. And besides, I’ve never been to Dubai and who knows when, if ever, there will be the chance again? The proper response is of course to explore the city all night. Being May, this is maybe a good thing. It is still 35° in the middle of the night!!! It might be certain death to walk around in daylight. I can’t comment on whether or not it is dangerous in Dubai. It sure isn’t in the middle of the night when the streets are empty.

First things first…some middle eastern fare. It wasn’t long before running into some street-side tables with menus. Voila! The best hummus plate ever.

Hummus plate
Hummus plate

Next of course is to walk towards the Burj Kalifa… not too hard to locate at any point in the country.

Burj Kalifa
Trying to grasp the immensity of the Burj Kalifa

Next, through a souk. I got out of there pretty quick… I don’t have all night to play games with merchants.

Night mosque
Wandering past a mosque at night

Then there was the walk to the ocean and some other wanderings to complete a 20km loop. And finally… a bit of sleep.