There are three main hiking trails in Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park.  For hiking to the summit go here.  The more interesting and rewarding of the three are actually not the trails that lead to higher elevations but rather those that skirt the periphery of the mountain.  These are the Wild Horse Canyon trail and a bite-sized version, Goode’s Basin and back.  Goode’s basin is not much of a basin at all, it is more of a lookout rock overlooking a Basin.

From the main trailhead it is a solid half day roundtrip to Goode’s lookout rock and back.  It is possible to do the entire Wild Horse Canyon trail in a day but it is a beast of a journey – 25km+ and this isn’t a loop – it’s a one way journey requiring pickup on Chute Lake road at the other side.  Other options are to camp in the park along the way or to get dropped off or picked up at one of the many boat access points along the way.

Goode's Basin and Wildhorse Canyon
Along the trail toward’s Goode’s Basin and Wildhorse Canyon

It is impossible to think about Okanagan Mountain without considering the firestorm of 2003 which ignited the mountain and torched virtually all the trees in the park.  Don’t be deceived – this was 15 years ago now and that is a long time for nature to take its course.  A couple years back I went looking for the 1950s crash site of the DC3 and could not believe the extent of the growth – think 10-15 ft tree forest now.

Directions To Trailhead:

For the main trailhead, follow Lakeshore Rd along Okanagan Lake nearly as far south as possible.  Past Bertram Creek part there will be clear signs.  1.7 km past the main parking area there is a roadside pullover and a small sign indicating another entrance to the park – from here you can cut up to Goode’s Basin for a quicker start on the Wildhorse Canyon Trail.


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Distance from downtown Kelowna to Official Trailhead: 18km
Distance from downtown Kelowna to Chute Lake Rd access: 50km
Walking time (to Goode’s Basin): 4-6 hours round trip
Walking time Wild Horse Canyon): 8-12 hours one way
Trail Length (Goode’s Basin): 16km round trip
Trail Length (Wildhorse Canyon): 25km one way
GPS: Not necessary but nice
Easy to Keep on Trail: yes, clear trails with clear signage

GPS Download: GPX | KML