Aya grabbing for huge chunks of cake
Aya's birthday with friends
Aya in the pickup
Aya enjoying the bamboo train
Aya at the Kuala Lumpur annual frisbee tournamentLost angry bird in a Kuala Lumpur mallJodi + Aya enjoying some watermelonAya's pacifier addictionAya attacking some corn in Kota KinabaluAya + Steve hiking in the jungleAya's bunny suitAya cake faceAya's pilferingAmie + Aya on the balconyAya in the boat on the Kinabatangan RiverAya exploring the ruins at Wat Banan near BattambangAya basket relaxingSandy beach bumAya cleaning the bathroom with the bum gunLittle Canadian enjoying repetitive entry and exitAya making friends in the park

The only thing more unbelievable than Aya turning 1 is that we survived a whole year of parenthood. Babies like routine. She didn't get any of that. It's been a pretty wild year dragging Aya on countless trips around Cambodia and to 4 other countries. She's taken it all in well and has turned into a fun little girl that we enjoy immensely.

We rarely get enough sleep these days but life is pretty darn good for our little family.
Aya celebrated the day by having an Asian style birthday party with a bunch of her Cambodian friends and then later in the evening I baked a chocolate cake to celebrate our surviving one year of parenting which Aya also got her fingers into.


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