Sweet Pax on day one
Peeking from under the covers
Aya loves holding her sister
Gut and baby acne. Totally healthy
Aya loves to hold her sisterPax week oneWe remembered to bring the car seatSounds on day 10 year interviewPax not quite sure about bath time yetPeeking from under the coversPax letting it all hang outShowing off a cute onesyGrandma's first baby holding session.Arwen not totally sure how recent events are going to impact.Aya doing her big sister dutiesA daddy-daughter moment on day 2Amie and Pax on day 2Peeking out on day 1

Adding to the list of hijacked special occasions, little Pax decided it was time to enter the world on May 7, 2015, otherwise known as our 10th anniversary. For our third child under 4, it was out of the question for her to be anything but a sweet angel and fortunately we got our wish. Paxten Arelea is shaping up to be our most pleasant baby and a welcome addition to our family of nearly all females. She has already been plunked into sibling hierarchy – adored by Aya and an unwanted time consumer for Arwen. As for us, she is just perfect and we are glad to get to know her.


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