Located just above the town of Okanagan Falls and at the south tip of Skaha Lake, Peach Cliff is a perfect hike to bring along the kids.

Directions to Trailhead

Peach Cliff is the obvious bump just east of OK Falls. Follow 10th ave east out of town. It turns into McLean Road wraps around Peach Cliff. Go past Allendale Lake Rd and park before the next bend. There will likely be a line of cars already for the semi-popular hike. There is no signage but an obvious trail entry exists along some private property.

Peach Cliff
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Trail Features

Not far into the hike, remnants of the old Dusty Mac Mine are evident. There is a very interesting assortment of organized core samples and not far away a small flooded pit. All of this absolutely worth a detour.

Following the trail is not so straightforward from here as it branches off in several directions. The top of the cliffs is visible for most of the hike so as long as a trail in the right direction is chosen they generally merge near the top.

Core Samples at Dusty Mac Mine
Flooded pit at Dusty Mac Mine
Hiking up to Peach Cliff
Approaching the final ridge above the cliffs

There is one part of the trail where it is easy to get lost. After ascending to sort of a ridge it is necessary to turn right and go through a gate. From here the trail continues up along the ridge to the final ‘summit’.

There is no real high point on the cliffs but it is possible to walk around the top area for views in all directions.

Final portion of the ascent

Penticton to Trailhead: 25km (half hour)
Trail Return time: 2 hours
Trail Length: 5 km round trip
Elevation gain: 160m
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Stay on trail: Mostly. The destination is generally in site and trails knit together eventually. There is not much underbrush so correcting course is relatively easy.

GPS Download: GPX | KML