This pretty much describes Phnom Penh - a city of contradictions. The haves right next to the have nots.
A cyclo driver in front of a crop of Chinese lanters. Vendors routinely ride down the street with hundreds of floating balloons hanging off the back.
This man is walking a household items store all from his bicyle down the street. Anyone need a broom?
Three generations and luggage on one motorbike.
Naked kids are routinely seen in Phnom Penh.  Rich or poor, they have at least one thing in common - complete freedom!Heavy load - a truck doubles in size with all the rice sacks it's carrying.

Weƒ??ve been in Phnom Penh for about four months and it seems that as we settle into life, the things that were once unbelievable, exhilarating, comical or completely farcical, have lost their novelty. I suppose that happens to everyone at every stage in life ƒ?? as we get comfortable we see things through the lens of the mundane.

But there are things that we see everyday that I know are not your standard fare in Canada. Like naked kids running around everywhere, or a whole family on a motorcycle, or the inane ability of Cambodians to maximize space…you will see what I mean if you scroll down to the pictures below.

I went around Phnom Penh this morning on my bicycle, armed only with my camera, in search of some of the sights that are quintessential Phnom Penh. The following pictures are what I found.

And so, my ode to Cambodia ƒ?? a refreshing reminder (for me at least!) of what it is that I love about this country.


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