Hiking on Banks Island's Terror Point phoenix tower in far background
Great helicopter views
Slinging equipment to new location
Campsite on Banks Island

Phoenix got contracted to put up a couple meteorological test towers on Banks Island and Porcher Island, off the coast of Prince Rupert between the mainland and the Queen Charlotte Islands. The only reason they got the contract was because they offered to engage in some major cost cutting. One cost saving technique was camping on the island sites without the need of daily helocopter service. So this is what we did. Our 10 day island adventure started with a shopping spree in Prince Rupert to buy camping supplies and food. My Safeway bill was about 6ft long totally $1700. Food is expensive!

Camping on the uninhabited islands was no holiday. The bugs were fierce and the temperature was hot and humid. There is always rain in those parts and the islands were more like swamps than rock. Nevertheless, camping in the wilderness was an adventure and we had many good times. I also got 5 or 6 helocopter rides as they were esential in getting us out to the islands along with our gear and equipment.


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