Dancing at polkafest!
Crazy sky over Humboldt

The Humboldt Polkafest. A sea of RVs, piloted by a majority of Western Canada’s retirees, descended on Humboldt this weekend for the annual polkafest. There was no way Steve and I were going to miss the opportunity to join the polka-circuit. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

So what is a polkafest?

Well in short, it’s where a bunch of seniors get together and polka the weekend away. And eat German sausage for a bit. And drink beer. And then dance some more. At any given time there’s a couple hundred people in their dancing shoes polka-ing. Not wanting to be outdone by people three times our age, Steve and I got out there as soon as possible and grooved to the accordion too.

Apparently we blew them away. Not by our phenomenal moves. But by our age. We kept on getting comments and dance tips from the best of the oldie goldies.

Highlight: The Circle Shawtisse – I’ll give you a little description. About 100 old people (in great shape mind you) get into a big circle and do a whole community group dance. We had the elders roaring, let me tell you. German sausage. Sauerkraut.


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