Family at Stonehenge
Meeting up with Jenny for a day in Oxford
Being English in Oxford
Getting ready to board Queen Mary 2
On the long walk near Windsor CastleAya climbing St. Mary's spireSteve and Arwen exploring OxfordSpecial hats in OxfordSalisbury cathedralBeautiful day at StonehengeAya beside Salisbury CathedralSteve at StonehengeView from St. Mary's Spire in OxfordAmie + Arwen at StonehengeView of old Oxford from St. Mary's Spire

We asked some of our English friends where we could go off the tourist trail to enjoy a quintessential experience. Just a place where an old lady could tsk tsk and chase us away with a broom for persistent scrumping. Just to sit around and drink tea and eat crumpits and blood pudding.

We ended up getting that and more – quaint neighborhoods, kids walking to school in their uniforms, ridiculous signs restricting anything uncivilized. From Windsor we met up with a friend from Cambodia in Oxford before stopping in Salisbury to see some famous rocks before heading to the port of Southampton for our big cruise home.


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