Suspended by bungee
Ready to take the plunge

The English teaching contracting company I worked for in Guangzhou was acting quite unreasonable. After a dreadful, evil week of teaching in the middle of July, Kevin walks into my room and… Now you have to realize that Kevin has extreme amounts of patience and self control. Anyway, he walks into my room and calmly tells me he has had it. I was like "what!, you of all people can make it till the end of august!". Nope, he had lost it. He told me that he was leaving the next weekend. Just leaving.

The next morning (after a lot of tossing and turning all night) I walked into his room and asked him what he was planning to do. He told me he wanted to do a little traveling. I asked him if he wanted a traveling partner. Then together we said "time to conquer Asia baby!!!". So the next day we applied for Vietnam visas and then went bungee jumping. I tell you, the rest of that teaching week was a breeze. After it was all over I found out that we weren't missed a whole lot. No one really is with this company. As the wise manager always told us "Change to a company brings new ideas". Well fine then – you have your little changing company and I am going to do what I came here for…. Someone hand me my backpack.


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