We’ve debated visiting the Ram Creek springs for many years but pushed it off as there is a fierce debate on whether or not they are warm or hot springs. Luke-warm water that isn’t hot enough for a soak hardly makes the effort of driving up a long bumpy forestry road combined with a hike worth it. Never the less, we finally went for it and were not disappointed.

Main pool @ Ram Creek

The first thing we did was feel the water in the top-most pool and to our shock and delight it was quite warm… hot even! There was no question at all about taking the plunge. The ambient water temperature this October morning was about 5°C which may have had something to do with it.

Ram Creek from Above

Secluded pools of Ram Creek

Some locals that joined us later on in the soak mentioned that the springs seemed to be getting warmer. That’s always a good sign! The pools are fed from a warm river that runs along side. There are hiking trails heading further upstream which we didn’t have a chance to explore but getting closer to the source may reveal even hotter water.

Mostly flat hike in to Ram Creek HS