First encounter with Tangaroa
Scooter Rental
Taking in the Sunset
Freshly plucked under-ripe papaya
Local dancing

Can't say we've done anything too productive in our first 10 days of marriage. We have been hanging out at the beach most of the time. We are hoping to go on a day hike today across the island if it ever clears up. We have lots of stories already and too much to share on this expensive internet time. We had good times hopping through small town sask and alberta on our way to Calgary before we took off. We went to cypress hills and dinosaur national park and stayed in random small hik towns along the way. In between all that Amie and I were both going through interviews for jobs in Suriname.

It started the day before the wedding when I had a first round interview. I didn't think too much of it because there were other things on my mind. For some reason I made it to the second round of interviews which consisted of an hour long interview. So from a hotel in Medicine Hat I did that and it went pretty well. They asked to see Amie's resume and then this random other job in Suriname magically popped up in and so the hour before we flew out of calgary, Amie had an hour interview for that position. Both jobs are pretty awesome and perfect for each of us. I think the interview person likes us and she is going to get back to us sometime this week. The positions are only for 4-6 months so we will see what happens.

Anyway back to the honeymoon. We went to rent bikes the second day we were here after finding that hitch hiking was just taking too long (we refused to take the expensive tourist busses). When we were at the rental place we randomly decided to get a motorbike instead. Only problem with that is you need to get a licence and do a drivers test at the police station in town. So I decided I would do it – some people at our hostel had done it and it seemed to be pretty straightforward. I showed up at the police station and somehow it was busy or something and I got pushed into a wrong line. My picture was taken and I was handed my licence without even doing my test. So I now have cook islands motorbike licence.

that's all for now!


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