A paddle out to Rattlesnake Island makes for a great Okanagan adventure. Just off the shore of Okanagan Mountain park, there’s no better way to get there! Make sure to pick a hot summer day, leave room for lots of swimming, and start early before the motor boats wake up.

There isn’t much to it as far as route. The easiest way it to start for example at Antler Bay south of Peachland and then just go for it across the lake!

Rattlesnake Island has a few surprises and exploring opportunities. Firstly, there are no rattlesnakes, or maybe not – the island is named after rattlesnake grass. There is some quirky history to dive into as well. The island was almost turned into a theme park back in 1970s (try googling it!!). Remains of some initial construction is still visible, notably, several concrete mini-golf holes. Bring your own balls.

Across the lake or bust
Rattlesnake Island birds eye view
Arriving at island
Hole #7 of the abandoned mini-golf course
Eddie Haymour’s start on the theme park – the base of this pyramid is still visible today!!!
Paddling across the lake