Lookout over Lazy Beach

Years after leaving Cambodia, Lazy Beach on was one of those places that we fantasized about.  So far away and remote.  So pristine and secluded.  For our return to Cambodia trip it was high on the list.  For the most part, everything was as we left it although the rest of the island has been busy.  The jungle is getting pushed back to make way for more and more development.  It’s probably the last time we’ll visit because Lazy Beach won’t exist next time.

Otres 2 – still pretty great

Don’t even get me started about Sihanoukville, the jumping off point for most of the islands. We spent a night at Otres 2 even though we were warned by friends to skip it altogether. We had to have a peek though and the horror stories are true. The whole area is under construction.

Lazy Beach. Yep, that secluded.

One adventure left on the list since our previous journey to Koh Rong Samloem was the abandoned lighthouse. Not a small journey to drag along 3 kids. I’d like to hear of anyone else that’s tried. To make a long story short, we did it and it was hard! But amazing.

Ladders up to the lighthouse
Finally after dreaming about coming back for years