Ferry near Madhia
How much for a boat up river?
The end of our failed journey
Chillaxin' goat
Amie waiting for the ferryLone Goat

The last few days have been kind of hectic but quite the adventure. We were about fed up with Georgetown and Guyana altogether and were planning on leaving. There are hardly any attractions, and the ones that are available are a fortune because they involve flying into the interior. We went to all the travel places and adventure tours places and found nothing that was even close to reasonable. The one thing that would have been nice are these waterfalls called Kaieteur falls. They are said to be more impressive than Angel falls (cause they are wider) in Venezuela and Iguacu falls (cause they are taller) in Argentina. Cheapest flight we found was $150US each for a morning fly in. Kind of pricey for overseas huh? Well the thing they don't tell you is that there are other ways. Except everyone has a piece of information but not the whole story.

So just as we had given up after two days of looking around, we ran into this miner from the interior that told us there was a city near the falls called Madhia. From there he said we could talk to a guy who could take us. So we went for it and jumped on an 8 hour grueling bus ride – the typical overseas one of course: fold out chair that leaves your butt in agony, poor ventilation that makes you nauseous, loudest dance music ever, dusty sweat sticking to your overheated body, and of course the unpaved road through the jungle. But we finally got to Madhia. Of course the contact guy was away in Georgetown.

No problem, everyone else had their own tidbit. So we talk to a friend of a friend of a friend and we are off to catch a boat that doesn't exist and talk to another person that is unavailable and then go to a small aircraft coordiator who doesn't have any useful information. To make a long story short, we were half a dozen planes and ferries away from where we needed to start work and we decided to pack it in and head to Paramaribo. So that's where we're off. The lonely planet said 3 things about Guyana: it is expensive, there are few sites worth visiting and don't undertake any trip without trippling the estimated time. I thought the book was outdated. It wasn't…


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