Today we hung out in Cusco all day after another fantastic overnight bus. Cusco is surrounded by a bunch of ruins which can be hiked to from the city. The most famous other than Manchu Picchu is Sacsayhuaman. It is probably just as fun saying the name as it is actually visiting the ruins (roughly pronounced “sexy woman”). After that we definitely went a little overboard with shopping for clothes. As I speak, I am completely decked out in the greatest Peruvian garb. I won’t describe anything because it will all too apparent from the way we will be dressing in the next 2 years.

Another funny thing that happened resulted from the numerous times we were offered drugs today. Marijuana and cocaine were the most frequent offers. Anyway, one of the times I muttered something under my breath like “stop bugging me” or “get lost”. The guy switched from his Spanish into perfect English saying “hey man, someone’s got to sell it”, in a funny voice. All of us cracked up loudly including the guy. The rest of the day as we were hassled to buy random (many hilarious) trinkets, the new phrase kept us optimistic and cheery.

Other than that, we are getting very close to the reason we came to the continent: hiking the Inca Trail to Manchu Picchu (most famous ruins on the continent). Seriously do a search and check out the pics if you have never seen it. Ok gone for 5 days!


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