Victory pose at the point
Horse parking near Sam Rainsy's cave
View around the point
Random snow

Robbie and I planned to go hiking in the badlands this weekend. We have gone here for years and this time we wanted to go somewhere a little different. After searching on the internet it was apparent that there was badlands stretching all the way to the US border.

We decided to go hiking and spelunking (finding caves) near the US border where we could hike into Montana and not have to cross the border officially (this is probably illegal!). Again, this always happens – every place we go is not to far from a confluence point. We hiked towards 49N 105W and found the point was close to where we were.

The weather turned rainy and overcast and luckily there were some old caves that we later found out the old outlaw Sam Kelly used to hide in. The cave he used for his horses was a gift that keeps on giving (we put up our tent inside to further shelter from the rain).


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