I am finally switching jobs but it is definitely bittersweet. While this new job with Phoenix Engineering (www.phoenixengg.com) is what I've been wanting to get into for a long time, I am leaving behind a job that I do really enjoy most of the time.

I have had some excellent job experience with Comtech and went on many memorable road trips all over the place. Some of my most memorable trips included work on the Suffield military base, up north near the North West Territories, and working at oil + gas sites near the Rocky Mountains.

Over the last 6 months I have learned a lot about wireless communication and how it is vital for the oil industry to transfer valuable data from oil wells and other sites back to their main control rooms. These areas are often remote with no infrastructure to support things like Internet and phone. They rely heavily on companies like Comtech to install communications via, high speed wireless links or satellite.

I have met many great friends as well as worked for a great boss. It is tough to leave behind good things but I look forward to this new position being able to do engineering work in a field that I really believe in (renewable energy).

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