Scenic Canyon Regional Park is a great one for the whole family, featuring a variety of trails and an opportunity to gawk at both of Kelowna’s most spectacular geological wonders (Rock Ovens and Layer Cake Mountain). The area has also been expanded in the last couple years, opening up new trails like the Pinnacle and Black Bear.

Unfortunately the hike starts out with a lacklustre switchback road which turns into the unmarked but officially named ‘Saskatoon trail’. At the end of this trail there are opportunities to take a number of paths, the most important of which is to continue straight past the Greenway entrance to a picnic area. We actually stopped at the picnic area and didn’t go any further on our first visit because there are no clear signs. Avoid this mistake and walk to the river through some trees until you get to a narrow section between the river and the hillside. Here is the location of the photogenic Rock Ovens. A great place to explore in summer and winter!

After that excitement, it’s off to find the best vantage of Layer Cake Mountain. Walk back to the intersection before the picnic area and Greenway entrance to cross the bridge into the new section of trails opened in 2016. The Pinnacle trail gives great views of Layer Cake Mountain and the Black Bear trail is a great off the beaten track loop also boasting great views of the surrounding hills.

A view of the Layer Cakes from Pinnacle trail

Directions To Trailhead:

Follow KLO road eastbound in south Kelowna and stay right as it bends to turn into McCulloch Road. It winds around from here and make sure to turn right at the 4 ways stop to stay on McCulloch Road . Eventually you will pass Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort and then turn left on Field Road. The parking area is at the end of this road.

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Hiking through an incomplete yet highly enjoyable section of Black Bear Trail

Distance from downtown Kelowna to Trailhead: 10km
Walking time: 2-3 hours
Trail Length: 5-10km depending on route
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Keep on Trail: yes

GPS Download: GPX | KML

The natural Kelowna wonder known as the Rock Ovens