On a mysterious narrow concrete bridge thing
Tim with lots of energy despite pulling his bike through a muddy field
Covered in mud after a wrong turn
Helping the rail reconstruction effort
Mountains slowely disintegrating from random quarriesRail reconstruction progressEntrance to underground templeUnderground temple + cavesUnderground templeBiking through the countrysideScenery along the way

It could be the dream of every adventurer. Late night conversation with a famous travel writer. The conversation turns to locations that are too good to publish for the public. A couple drinks later and a few too many details are revealed.

My birthday this year was the day set to head for the mentioned location which we will call 'secret underground mountain temple'. The trip started out on a good note – we filled a van with our bikes and belongings in the pouring rain. I ran down the stairs of our house with a plastic bag in each hand. It was only an hour later when it was time to pass out food that I realized that I had brought the bag of garbage with us and left the food bag out on the street with the trash.

The day trip was combined with a 90km bike ride to take into the scenery. We accomplished everything that we set out for and that's about all I can say about that. Got to hold some cards back for the possibility of late night conversation and free drinks.


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