Viewpoint near the beginning of the trail

Shorts Creek Canyon Rim Trail follows the north edge of the ravine in the Fintry Protected Area. The trailhead is a bit difficult to access which also may explain the lack of trail maintenance. Those things aside, there are several points along the trail with excellent views all the way to the Monashees, Camel’s Hump, Okanagan Lake, Sugarloaf, Big White, Little White, and Okanagan Mountain. Terrace Mountain looms over the entire trail and the sounds of Christie Falls are a constant crashing down into the canyon. The trail ends at a cliff overlooking multicoloured basalt columns, easily as spectacular as those at Keremeos.

Adventure to the cliffs

Directions to Trailhead

It is advisable to have either detailed maps or GPS instead of just directions as there are many unmarked turns and forks to navigate before reaching the trailhead. The start of the journey to the trailhead begins roughly 20km north of Fintry with a turn off Westside Rd onto Beau Park Road (unpaved). Stay left to fork onto Bouleau Rd and left again to Whitemans Creek Rd. A final left turn across a bridge continues you down Whitemans Creek Rd and here the road gets much rougher (end of the line for cars). At 6km from the trailhead there is a road washout (as of summer 2020). It is probably doable for ballsy drivers but many are just parking here for now (adding 12km of road walking to the hike). ATVs should have no trouble.

From the washout, the best idea would be to bicycle or walk the rest of the road. Take note that the 6km is uphill with an elevation gain of 400m to the trailhead. There is also a river ford and a couple more unmarked turns. Best to keep to detailed maps/GPS.

Trail details

The trail has not been maintained in a few years. Hundreds of trees have fallen along the path so there is lots of ducking, jumping and navigating required. That being said, the bridges at the creek crossings are mostly intact and it is not overly difficult to stay on trail.

Goat's Peak Regional Park
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Cliffs at the end of the canyon rim walk

Distance Kelowna to Trailhead: 2-3 hours depending on strategy
Trail Return time: 3-5 hours
Trail Length: 5.1 km one way
Elevation gain: 250m (just trail), 400m (washout to trailhead)
GPS: Highly advisable.
Easy to Stay on trail: Mostly. The trail follows the ridgeline so it is relatively easy to get back on course.

GPS Download: GPX | KML