Walking to La Piedra

With some time to kill in Medellín after a work trip, I stumbled upon some amazing pictures of a town a couple hours out of the city. I had to book a guesthouse and check out Guatapé.

Colourful streets of Guatapé

The quaint town of Guatapé is a wonderful little place and a pleasure to roam around. The buildings are very colourful and there is lots of action going on in the squares and restaurants. The main attraction is of course is La Piedra del Peñol, a shockingly steep 200m high rock jutting out from the landscape.

A set of ambitiously placed crisscrossing stairs (650 in total) gets you to the top of La Piedra for an incredible view of the surroundings. Nearby damming had created the craziest looking reservoir that can only be truly appreciated from the top.